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about the office

Our team ships most orders during the next business day after you make your purchase. It takes on average between 24hrs to 48hrs to be delivered by DHL or Correos de Chile, since it leaves our warehouses in Santiago. Once you make your purchase and your order is dispatched you will receive the tracking number by a message or an e-mail.

Of course we can help you with this, when you make your purchase at the checkout write the address of the branch. Remember to fill in your full name with two names and two surnames as it will be important at the moment you want to remove it.

Yes, we ship worldwide through DHL Express.

About online sale

You have different stores Bonoboss in Santiago and retailers that market our product nationwide, in this link you will find all the addresses of the stores Click here to see stores and Bonoboss points of sale

At the moment we have not yet implemented this system, for now all online purchases must be sent to your home or a courier's office that you indicate at the time of checkout.

Yes, we do wholesale sales and also corporate gifts, we are manufacturers of all our products and we are very excited to distribute them in established stores and be able to carry out special projects for corporate gifts, you can contact us directly at

About the products

No, the value of the crystals must be quoted separately, and exclusively with your ophthalmological prescription, you can send your prescription to and request a quote with the name of the frame that you liked, so we can review and quote with the optics with which we work the best glass for your frames.

This mostly depends on the recipe, the optician will give us that information along with the quote, once you get in touch with us we can solve all the doubts regarding the delivery times.

For nothing, wooden lenses are very light, the glass we use is heavier than the frames.

You should not, wood can suffer with water or extreme temperatures, it can tend to expand or swell.

The wooden accessories whatever the brand will always require a little more care and attention, keep in mind that you are using a wooden accessory that has been handmade by hand. There are no specific cares to be had, but we can recommend that you never leave them in the car in the summer or winter.

We recommend that you do not use products made of paper to clean your lenses, some of them may look or feel soft to the touch, but over time they will scratch the lenses. Find a microfiber cloth or linen inside the case of your lenses, that should be more than enough;).

It is very simple, usually when you have to clean your lenses it is because they have small particles on them, what you should do is use the microfibre cloth a bit damp (a few drops of water will do the job). If you are on the beach with more reason, the salt corrodes mirrored and anti-reflective treatments so you should never dry clean them, before passing them the microfiber cloth we recommend putting them under a stream of fresh water to remove salt and not damage the crystals.

Of course, our glasses have a UV400 filter, which is the best protection against radiation. Our sunglasses and optical frames are distributed in different optical in Chile and the world, loses care of the quality of our products, we are interested that our customers have a good experience to recommend us, or it would not make sense to do what we do.

About the guarantee

If you have a problem with your Bonoboss product, take it to the store with the original bill or invoice. To contact our Customer Service, write to us Our retailers are not authorized to provide extended warranty service for Bonoboss products.

You can check Terms and Conditions to further clarify your doubts regarding guarantees. The Bonoboss warranty is against manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase or shipment. Bonoboss also reserves the right to determine and clarify manufacturing defects and requires a bill or invoice issued by an authorized retailer. If a product is considered defective, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you, except shipping costs that must be covered by the customer. If a product is not considered defective; for reasons that we exemplify below (all are real stories ...): lens scratches I did not do anything and it was scratched, my dog ​​ate them, I used them on the beach and I broke a wave, I did not do anything the packaging and they were broken, I sat on them, I put them in my bag opened and they were broken, the bezel of the watch broke only, I put on the watch in the morning and it was scratched and broken, I did not do anything and broke the The hearing aids cable and / or other excuses frequently used by customers will not be considered manufacturing failures in any case. In these cases, the product will be entered after the sale and an evaluation of the technical service will be requested in order to provide a response on each case.

You can recycle your product and get a discount to renew it, for this write to us

For changes will be accepted without problems in the first 30 business days by generating a giftcard for the amount canceled on the page, all shipping costs must be paid by the customer. We guarantee that Bonoboss products will be free of fabication faults, and we will accept any Bonoboss product that has manufacturing defects for exchange or refund of money. If the product does not show faults and you want to request a refund of your money, it must be requested in less than 10 days days for the amount received for the original transaction. All returns or exchanges are made as long as the product comes in its original packaging, with the original accessories and without damage or scratches, including a copy of the receipt or invoice received. No money back or changes will be made without presenting an original ballot or a copy of it. The merchandise received after 30 days will be accepted or not depending on the evaluation of the post sale service for a credit or gift card to buy on our website. For more information contact our After Sales Service

Marketing and Communications

Yes, most of the materials we use are certified in sustainability by the FSC. Bonoboss manufactures its accessories with raw materials from noble sources. Likewise, we take care that all people employed in the manufacture of Bonoboss products have good practices, good treatment with their workers and responsible management of the resources they use.

Easy, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the homepage and you will receive a discount coupon.

We are excited to bring Bonoboss products to more people and that small entrepreneurs or established businesses benefit from what we do. We are very interested in establishing long-term relationships, if you are interested in having our product in your store you can write to include in your email: where are your stores physically, and any other information that can help us have a better sense of who they are as they are engaged. At Bonoboss we have passion for our clients.

Yes, we are currently looking to expand Bonoboss on a global scale. If you would like to distribute Bonoboss in your country, write to