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Security and Privacy

All transactions made in They travel over the Internet in encrypted form via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures the confidentiality of the message and prevents them from being intercepted for fraudulent use. This is the worldwide standard used by major international companies to perform secure electronic transactions.

This way we assure you that all your personal information, such as name, e-mail, address, and credit card number, can not be read or captured by third parties while traveling on the network.

How to know that a purchase is safe?

To recognize when a transaction is protected by a secure server, you should check if your browser shows a key or a closed padlock on the right side, or a closed padlock on the left.

We want to emphasize that Bonoboss® will not transfer, under any modality and to any company, the personal data of the registered customers on its website and assures you that these will be handled in an absolutely confidential manner and in accordance with current legislation.

Privacy Statement Policy

This policy corresponds to the aforementioned statement regarding the confidentiality of the data delivered by users on the Bonoboss website.

Commitment to Safety

Bonoboss declares that its site is safe, in order to provide customers with a high level service, with the appropriate internal controls that guarantee our customers a correct use of the information.

Information delivered by users

The information requested in our registration form asks users for information such as name, email address, physical address and telephone number. This information is used for the dispatch of orders and to answer inquiries about our products and services.

Under no circumstances, this information is shared with other companies or with third parties.

Capture of user information does not capture information regarding specific activities of a particular user.

We use "cookies" to track your "shopping cart" and make sure you do not repeatedly see the same advertising message. We also use "cookies" to show specific information about your interests on the website.

Data Protection

Our site is protected with a wide variety of security measures, such as data update control procedures, key changes, periodic data backups, etc.

The user will always have the rights of information, rectification and cancellation of personal data in accordance with Law No. 19.268 on protection of personal data. Also, if you want to modify your personal information, you can do it directly on our website